Architectural + Ecological + Urban Design
TerreFarm: Design + Build  Laboratory
ONE PRIZE: Design + Science Award
WHO LIVES NEXT TO WHO IN MANHATTAN?                                                                                                            2001
Graduate Research Project, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design.
Team: Maria Aiolova

East Spanish Harlem stretches for more than two miles north of Ninety-Sixth Street on the east side of Manhattan. East 96th Street marks the border of the Upper East Side, where the ‘ golden zip code’ crawled north and swallowed Yorkville. During the late 70s and early 80s, some new construction and renovation began right above 96th Street. But the hearth of East Harlem is in desperate condition. The question remains – is the community going to pull together strength and resources to rehabilitate the neighborhood or the gentrification process will continue its trend and the ‘golden zip code’ will keep expanding.