Architectural + Ecological + Urban Design
ONE Lab: NY School Design + Science
ONE PRIZE: Design + Science Award
CITY OF THE FUTURE: Urbaneering for Tomorrow                                                                                                   2010
Centre for Contemporary Art, DOX, Prague: Future of the Future Exhibit
Team: Maria Aiolova, Mitchell Joachim, Melanie Fessel, Dan O’Connor, Celina Yee, Alpna Gupta, Sishir Varghese, Aaron Lim, Greg Mulholland, Derek Ziemer, Thilani Rajarathna, John Nelson, Natalie DeLuca

Our primary assertion for Brooklyn 2110 is that all necessities are provided inside its accessible physical borders. We have designed an intensified version of Brooklyn that supplies all vital needs for its population. In this city, food, water, air, energy, waste, mobility, and shelter are radically restructured to support life in every form. The strategy includes the replacement of dilapidated structures with vertical agriculture and housing merged with infrastructure. Former streets become snaking arteries of livable spaces embedded with; renewable energy sources, soft cushion based vehicles for mobility, and productive green rooms. We think the future will necessitate marvelous dwellings coupled with a massive cyclical resource net.
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