Architectural + Ecological + Urban Design
TerreFarm: Design + Build  Laboratory
ONE PRIZE: Design + Science Award
NANOPOLIS Cyborg City: Mechanical/Artificial Islands for New York City                                                         2000
International Competition for Ideas , the Van Alen Institute, Finalist .
Team: Maria Aiolova, Tunch Gungor

Twentieth Century has selected Manhattan as a laboratory an island where inventions and testing became part of the metropolitan lifestyle and its attendant architecture a factory of manmade experience where real and natural ceased to exist. Quickly becoming a reality, nanotechnology need a test ground. Existing barges in New York Bay are gathered to serve as platforms/islands for the laboratories of the NANOPOLIS. Both industries and the public are invited to take part of the research. Nanomachines are being developed for all purposes: cleaning the harbor, developing new energy sources, or laying down a new sandy beach. At night, the glowing skin of the NANOPOLIS illuminates the newest addition of the most famous skyline.