Architectural + Ecological + Urban Design
TerreFarm: Design + Build  Laboratory
ONE PRIZE: Design + Science Award
2010 Maria Aiolova + Terreform ONE
CHARLES STREET/MASS GENERAL STATION DESIGN COMPETITION                                                                 1998
Winner, First Award
Team: Maria Aiolova, Tunch Gungor

The juxtaposition of function, scale and historic time in the contemporary culture is not a negative phenomenon but belongs to the logic of a new urban society. Can a historic landmark station be simultaneously a media event, an exhibit space, a park, and a public plaza? The proposed Metromedia Platz provides a space for transient media events/structures where the spatial definition changes constantly as the space is activated by electronic images/artifacts. The appearance of the permanent historic structures is challenged by the immaterial representation of abstract systems, the media events.