Architectural + Ecological + Urban Design
TerreFarm: Design + Build  Laboratory
ONE PRIZE: Design + Science Award
THROWING A WRENCH IN THE GENTRIFICATION WHEEL OF MANHATTAN                                                         2002
Graduate Research Project, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design.
Team: Maria Aiolova; Advisor Prof. Margaret Crawford

In the spring of 1995, faced by a $3.1 billion budget deficit, Mayor Rudy Guiliani voiced explicitly a long intend of service and budget cuts. By cutting services, the mayor told a small group of newspaper editors, he hoped to encourage the poorest of the Manhattan’s population, those most dependent on public services, to move out of the city. Shrinkage of the poor population would be a “good thing” for the city, he suggested. “That’s not an unspoken part of our strategy,” he added. “That is our strategy” (Smith 1996).
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