Architectural + Ecological + Urban Design
ONE PRIZE: Design + Science Award
THE BOAT KEEPERS HOUSE/TOWER                                                                                                                          1996
Research Project on Text and Form.
Team: Maria Aiolova

The boat keeper is a young man. He builds boats. And he collects books. When he finished his house/towers he moved his books and his tools inside. During the summer he teaches children how to sail. When everybody is in the water, he climbs to the top of the tower, puts the bridge down and watches them. The children know that he is there.At night he reads. His study glows in the dark as he takes books from the shelves. The passersby know that he is there. . In the winter he builds boats and he writes. He puts down on paper all the stories that the children told him during the summer. It trembles and moans. He falls a sleep in spite of the storm. His house becomes a small boat lost in the sea. The children/angels come and save him.
BioDesign: Design + Grow School